We offer a comprehensive range of practical patent areas to individuals and to corporate clients. Our attorneys or agents have specialties in one or more of the following disciplines: 

1Biotechnology, including molecular biology and biochemistry, Chemistry

2Chemical and Electrochemical engineering

3Computers and computer software, Electronics, Electrical engineering

4Semiconductors,Electromechanical engineering, Engineering mechanics

5Fluid dynamics, Mechanical engineering

6Medical and biomedical engineering, Metallurgical engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Physics, etc.

Filing Requirements for Chinese Patent

1Name, address and nationality of applicant(s)

2Name of inventor(s)

3Type of the application, i.e., a patent for invention, for utility model or for design

4Information on priority claimed: the filing date, filing number and the country in which the application was filed (if applicable)

5Specification or Drawings:

   • Patent application for invention or utility model:
  Description, claims, abstract and drawings (if any, two sets of formal drawings)

   • Patent application for design:
  Drawings or photographs of the design (min. 38cm, max. 1522cm)

  Name of the product incorporating the design and requested for protection

6 Executed Power of attorney, which can be submitted later

7 Original or certified assignment (if applicable), which can be submitted within three months from the Chinese filing date

8 Certified copy of the prior application (if applicable), which can be submitted within three months from the Chinese filing date

9 Receipt of Deposit and Viability Proof (if the application concerns a new microorganism, a micro-biological process or a product thereof and involves the use of a micro-organism which is not available to the public), which can be filed within four months from the Chinese filing date

10Nucleotide and/or amino acid sequence listing in computer readable form (if applicable).