We offer a comprehensive range of Intellectual Property services in China, Hong Kong,Taiwan and Macao to individuals and to corporate clients, including start-ups and small businesses, privately-held entities and government agencies of all sizes, whether in China or abroad. We are committed to helping establish, maintain and protect our clients' Intellectual Property rights by providing the expertise to reach practical and cost-effective solutions.
Patent  Procurement

Our attorneys or agents have specialties in one or more of the following disciplines

Biotechnology, including molecular biology and biochemistry, Chemistry, Chemical and Electrochemical engineering, Computers and computer software, Electronics, Electrical engineering, and Fluid dynamics, Semiconductors, Electromechanical engineering, Engineering mechanics, Mechanical engineering, Medical and biomedical engineering, Metallurgical engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Physics, etc.


  File a Patent in China

  File a Patent in Hong Kong

  File a PCT International Patent Application

  File  a European Community Patent Application

  File  a Patent Application in USA

  File  a Patent Application in Canada

  File  a Patent Application in Japan

Trademark  Registration

We regularly counsel and represent clients on a full range of trademark-related issues. Our attorneys or agents provide comprehensive counseling services including the following: 

>> Collaborating with our clients to select trademarks and service marks for the names, logos and designs of

 their products and services
>> Conducting and reviewing searches of trademark databases , and counseling clients on nuances concerning

 use of their trademarks
>>  Regularly preparing and filing trademark applications in the Chinese Trademark  Office as well as in foreign

 countries or regions  including the United States of America, Canada, Hong Kong, or Japan ,etc. thus enabling our clients to obtain global protection of their marks

>> Participating  in opposition and cancellation proceedings involving other trademark applications and



     Through counseling clients in the registration and protection of trademarks and service marks, we help our

 clients develop and manage trademark portfolios that further advance their business goals.


 File a Trademark Application for Registration in China

 File a Trademark Application for Registration in Hong Kong

 File a Trademark Application for Registration in Macao

 File a Trademark Application for Registration in USA

 File a Trademark Application for Registration in Canada

 File a Trademark Application for Registration in Japan

 File an Application of  Madrid International Registration of Mark

 File an Application of  European Community  Registration of Mark