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Filing Requirements for Chinese Trademark Registrations

Each application shall cover only one trademark in one class. 

1A form of request for trademark registration (including the applicant's name, address and nationality both in Chinese and English, goods/services class according to the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks , and a list of designated goods/services intended for coverage etc.) 
Indication of mark (8 sets, min. 5 by 5 cm, max. 10 by 10cm; if color is claimed, 2 more sets in black and white)
3Executed Power of Attorney (signed by the applicant for trademark application)
4Certified Priority document (if applicable), which can be submitted within three months after the Chinese filing date. 

Once the trademark is successfully registered, its validity period extends to 10 years. Six months before its expiry date, the mark can be renewed for another 10 years. There are no times limit for a trademark renewal.

Registration of International Mark for Chinese entity or individual

International registration application documents, where applicant's name, address (in Chinese as well as English), commodity name and signature or stamp are necessary

1One copy of duplicate for domestic mark registration certificate, or one duplicate copy of the notice, issued by the Trademark Bureau, of receiving the registration application

2One copy of the proof of priority, if claimed

3One copy of applicant qualification proof, such as duplicate of business license, duplicate of residence proof, duplicate of ID documents and so on

4One copy of Power of Attorney, if trust involved

5Ten copies of the specimens of the mark, whose size should be somewhere between 20mm 20mm and 80mm 80mm .